Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Replace your uneconomical boiler

As an energy cost-efficiency initiative the UK government has produced a boiler scrappage plan. Unless you have been on a long holiday you will be aware of the development of the heating boiler scrappage scheme to give a grant against replacement of very aging gas boilers. This significant energy economy project has led to a scrappage strategy that will compensate homeowners £400 to exchange their aging boilers with modern, more energy efficient ones.

This will be of tremendous advantage as every aging boiler adds one tonne of carbon to the air and over £200 to household energy costs. It can consequently be projected that the policy will be good for the environment in addition to helping to save homeowners money on their heating costs each year.

Whilst injecting public funds into a recovering economy it is thought that taking on climate change will deliver new chances for new low-carbon industries. The crucial thrust of the central heating boiler scrappage scheme is to produce Energy efficient households across the country.

The boiler scrappage policy presented will assist up to 125,000 homes replace the most inefficient central heating boilers with modern models. It is worth repeating that there is a limited budget available which should extend to the replacement of 125,000 band G rated elderly heating boilers. As a result it is a great idea to apply as soon as possible as the scheme is likely to be oversubscribed as there are believed to be more than four million boilers that qualify. The announcement has been heartily received by the energy industry who welcome the supplementary spending power this initiative will generate.

Domestic heating in the United Kingdom is a substantial source of emissions, with heating boilers accounting for roughly sixty percent of these discharges. Naturally this initiative only applies to the most ineffective heating boilers rated G and probably very old.

You can identify if your heating boiler is G-rated by a couple of methods. A great fast check for gas heating boilers is to see if it has a permanent pilot light -if it has then it is in all probability going to be a G-rated central heating boiler. If it is gas fired and over 15 years old it is likely to be entitled. If it is oil fired and more than 25 years old, it is likely to be entitled.

The gas boiler scrappage web site has a central heating boiler producers database which you can use free of obligation to check if your heating boiler qualifies.

Alternatively, you can ask your named installer to help you in learning whether your heating boiler is suitable when they call to leave a quote.

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